Attack of the Sicklings

Wednesday: Monkey came down with a never-ending fever that lasted for days. Talk about cranky and clingy.


Isn’t he pitiful?

Thursday: Monkey just wanted to veg out in my bed and watch Curious George. This made for quite an easy day, since this meant little sister would join us and of course Newbie would be there too.

Friday: I thought I was doing a great job keeping the germs away from everyone else.

Saturday: Plenty of Lysol and handwashing.

Sunday: Germs did not stay at bay. Soon spread. Sweet Pea, Newbie, and I all had runny noses and was sneezing.


Loving on her little brother

Monday: Early morning visit to the doctors. Although this is #3, I wasn’t going to risk it with a ten-week-old. Good thing we went. Found out he has RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and went home with some instructions. Monkey feeling better. Beautiful weather so we went for a walk.


Teamwork, baby!

Tuesday: Newbie sounds better this morning. Then I heard the infamous wheezing. Call in to the doctors and she wanted to see him right away. With the kids in tow, still in their PJs, we rushed in. Yep, wheezing, followed by breathing treatment. Sent home with our very own nebulizer, or rather Neb-a-Doodle.

Cool, huh?

Tuesday night: Snow! Praying Hubby stays home tomorrow to help with the Sicklings.


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