The Scoop on Poop

Saturday. Naptime. Put Sweet Pea in her crib. She goes down like a champ! No crying, no fussing. “Night. Night. Love you! See you in a little bit,” is our daily routine.

Minutes later — chatter. Can’t understand. Ignore. She’ll eventually fall asleep. Time passes. Quiet. More time passes. Chatter. Must be awake.

I walk in to find…POOP EVERYWHERE!! Poop on her hands! Poop on her mattress! Poop on her crib! POOP EVERYWHERE!! This is a job for Super Hubby!

Sweet Pea went immediately into the bathtub. Bedroom windows open. Fan on. Plug in — plugged in. Bed stripped. Lysol and bleach everywhere. Sheets cleaned.

Meanwhile…the Poop Monster is in a nice, warm bath enjoying herself. Maybe when I hear chatter I should take notice. Or was this all a plan to get into the bath? Hmmm…

Savannah in bathtub


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